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Hello, welcome to , my small corner of the web. For more info, look at my LinkedIn profile. I have a rather technical dump-of-random-knowledge blog, too.

Since November 2013, I'm in Ireland as an SRE working for . In a previous life, with a couple of partners, I've been the developer at a small indie team, . I also worked part-time at Cateia Games and Imagine Studio. I am one of the developers of ZATEMAS.

Any opinions I express online, unless stated otherwise, are solely my own and not of my employer. This especially includes anything I publish on my own domain ( or on any of my personal profiles, such as at Google+, Facebook, etc., and it also includes anything posted in various comment sections online.

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Ivan Vučica
Dublin 13, Dublin, Ireland

Zombie Ball

Zombie Ball is used to be on the App Store! I've developed this game with other guys from Hindarium.

Squish a bunch of invading zombies with a ball using your iPhone's accelerometer. Use tons of gadgets, and decorate your ball with tons of skins. Compete with others on OpenFeint leaderboards, as well as in Game Center. And, of course, enjoy the oddly satisfactory sounds of squished zombies.

Buy the game to support my work!

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