The Combat

This is a game being developed by three high-school students, in no particular order:

Ivan Vučica has the humble privilege of steering them in the right direction, including pushing them to work (while at the same time not forgetting their studies).

Workshop is made possible by the Zagrebački računalni savez.

The Combat is currently GNU GPLv2 licensed.

Canonical source code is curated by Ivan Vučica and hosted at The Combat on BitBucket. Please also observe the forks by bdemovic, aristotel and peki. Feel free to join the development effort by contacting and forking the project on Bitbucket. Note that the project is primarily intended to be an educational experience for the students, so it'd be great if the stuff you work on is coordinated with us.

© 2011 Mihael Peklar, Mihael Liskij, Bernardo Demović, Ivan Vučica